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Get 60 minutes of 
spa-like bliss while burning a maximum amount of calories and eliminating harmful toxins. You'll lose weight fast the healthy way all while relaxing inside our infrared slimming body wrap bed. Give us a call to book soon and start losing inches like never before.

60-minute session


Package Deals

 2 sessions for $100

3 sessions for $125
 12 sessions $350

Spray Tan & Infrared Slim Body Wrap
1 combo sessions $80 (save $20)
3 combo sessions  $240 PLUS GET 1 FREE (save $160)

Clinically proven results with multiple benefits that help improve skin and overall well being. Please note as with everything weight loss results do vary with each individual. If you follow my tips and advice you should lose an average of 1 to 4 pounds per session... It can take up to the first 60 minutes, or up to 4 days to see noticeable results. Due to the detoxification process working more effectively with each passing day
 plan on seeing enhanced results with each visit. Our most popular package is the 3 sessions. If your goals are higher than 15-20 pounds I recommend 10 - 12 sessions. No expiration on all package deals. However, for best results, it is recommended to wrap every 3 to 4 days.

It'll detox you and help you lose pure fat in the process. The weight loss you'll lose from water is minimal and does not effect progress as far as gaining anything back. You will eliminate cellulite, burn calories, relieve pain and so much more during your recommended sessions. The best way to not gain anything back is to burn more calories in a day than you consume. That alone will help tremendously in not only getting you in shape, but keeping you there as well.

Infrared heat rays
raises your core body temperature between 2-3 degrees. It is one hundred percent safe and very beneficial to every body. Infrared rays stimulate fat cells, allowing them to release built-up toxins. As your body sweats out these toxins fat will be safely excreted through your lymphatic system. By stimulating your metabolism with infrared heat you'll be burning a tremendous amount of calories, therefore, losing hard core significant weight.

This is a powerful detoxifying treatment and is perfect for those seeking to push through weight loss plateaus or need a start to a healthy way of living. One of my favorite benefits is by detoxifying those nasty toxins away not only will you decrease body fat, but you'll be getting the added benefit of a significant amount of craving decrease.

Infrared Body Wrapping is a healthy, non-invasive therapeutic treatment. It also helps minimize stretch marks and will help with 
anti aging
 as well... What more could you ask for!

The  Infrared Body Wrap System burns over 1000 calories in a single session and with all the additional benefits the results are absolutely priceless!

Benefits with Infrared Sauna
Body Contouring
Helps Decrease the Appearance of Cellulite and Stretch Marks
Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
Improves the Appearance of Skin Tone and Color

Detoxification of the body
Lose inches
Lose pounds
Lose calories
Liver Detoxification
Fat-Burning and Weight Loss
Purge Heavy Metals
Increase Metabolism and Energy
Deep Relaxation
Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge
Improve Sexual Health
Improve Memory
Sleep and Stress
Improve Blood Circulation
Enhance Immune System
Enhance Nutrition Absorption and Healing