Spray tanning is literally the best alternative to tanning beds and sunbathing. Best of all it'll give you an instant rich color in just one tanning session alone. It's perfect for weddings, proms, vacations, or just to maintain a healthy year-round tan. 


Have you ever tried an automatic spray booth or worse yet used a non certified spray tan company?
Did you experience undesired results?
Were you left suffocating with over spray fumes, streaky, or blotchy just minutes after your tan?

You'll be happy to hear that we're different and we actually do care about your luxurious spray tan results... With our professional salon techniques and over 6 years of experience, you will leave here with a flawless tan every time, or we will fix it for you at no additional cost to you.

Book your appointment today and see for yourself just how much better our service is compared to other places you might have been to in the past. We look forward to meeting you and hope to be of great service for many years to come.

First-time spray tanning? 
No worries, we have many first-time clients and some who have even opted out of tanning beds completely or, who have never been able to get a natural color period. They are now fanatics of their flawless golden bronze tans.

Don't risk burning your delicate skin sunbathing or far worse in a UV tanning bed. Those methods can permanently cause damage to your skin and yes even skin cancer. Try to avoid them at all costs in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Spray tanning will make you look 10-20 pounds thinner as shown on the Dr. Oz show, it is quickly becoming the most talked about alternative to UV tanning. Just like everyone says tan fat looks better than white fat.

We also have the best contouring techniques proven to enhance your figure no matter your fitness level! We can also help you conceal minor imperfections such as stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, scars, varicose veins and yes it is even FDA approved. By going sunless you will achieve a flawless skin color each time you tan.

Spray tanning is perfect for pageants contestants, brides, weddings, bodybuilding competition shows, proms, vacations and so much more. We also do tanning parties for people of all ages, body types and skin tones. It's especially perfect for those who wish to maintain a healthy year-round tan.
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Sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatology, Canadian Dermatology Association, American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association.